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Building With Us

We’re passionate about making your dreams a reality. It’s our promise to you. To share your vision. To match your ambitions and expectations. To be insistently innovative. To give you more value wherever we can. To give you a customer experience beyond compare, from the first time we speak to a handover and beyond.

Who We Are

Zest Living enduring craftsmanship and timeless design stem from our philosophy to build every home like it’s ours. We strive to design and build exceptional homes with impeccable quality and holistic design which encourages us to live better.

Building Your Zest Home

This step-by-step guide will help you understand what to expect during each stage of the building process. Our team of professionals will be with through your whole journey.

Knock Down & Rebuild

This guide will help you understand the Zest Living knock down and rebuild process, and outline what to expect when building a brand new home, or homes.

The Pre-Construction Process

Now that your first deposit is paid, we’re sure you have many questions regarding how your building journey will progress from here. This step-by-step guide will help you understand what to expect during each stage of the process. Should you still have queries after reviewing the information, simply contact your New Homes Consultant or customer service who will be more than happy to assist you.

The Construction Process

This is it. With all your approvals through and design options sorted, its time to get started on construction! Our customer care team will update you regularly as it comes together, with pictures of your home’s progress.

Custom Designs

Once upon a time, creating a custom designed home meant engaging an architect and crossing your fingers that somewhere, somehow you’d find a builder who could make it happen for the right price. Those days are over. Zest Living is a leader in creating inspirational, custom designed homes to suit every kind of budget.